OBDLink MX+ Review [For IOS, Android & Windows]

This OBD adapter will help you to experience better activity at a reasonable price. This wireless OBD2 scan device has an easy-to-use feature that will assist you in handling the device correctly. With all OBD2 functions, It is suitable for your iPhone, Android phone, or PC to be connected with a vehicle. The OBD adapter has a better processing speed. Before jumping into our OBDLink MX wifi scan tool review, let’s check some additional features the tool offers.

With this gadget, you will experience fantastic services such as third-party application support, lifetime free upgrading firmware and software, intelligent sleep mode, and hack-proof security. This user-friendly gadget is thirty percent faster than the other one. This OBDLink MX+ can read as well as erase manufacturer-specific codes and Check Engine Light. It turns off the check engine light also and supports freeze frame information.


So many applications, including AlfaOBD, Dashcommand, BimmerCode, Carista, Forscan, and Torque, are suitable for this device. All 1996 and the latest America vehicles are compatible with the MX+. This gadget supports iOS compatibility with Ford, LAN, GM, and MS-CAN. It is also compatible with all OBD2 compliant cars, JOBD and EOBD. It has OEM support for Nissan, Ford, Mazda, Toyota/, Kia, Honda, Hyundai, and GM.

Real-time live data

Real-time live data is a feature by which you can rapidly identify the troubles in your vehicle. With the OBDLink MX+, you will get the benefit of watching real-time live data.

 Not that benefit only, you will receive the fastest data delivery from the gadget.  So it will be more instant to get the clearest graph of the real-time data.

Read and Clear ABS trouble codes

ABS stands for Anti-lock braking system, which protects you from wheel lock-up problems of your vehicle. This system is crucial for any driver to drive their vehicle safely. When your wheel is locked up, then any accident can instantly occur. 

To operate your vehicle smoothly and risk-free, you have to choose something which can read and erase Anti-lock braking system codes. This adapter can read as well as erase all the ABS trouble codes to ensure your safety.

OBDLink MX+ Can Read and Clear SRS Trouble Codes

Supplemental Restraint System or SRS is one of the crucial parts of your vehicle. From any possible crash or collision, this system protects you.

For following up on the health status of your vehicle, this system is vital.  You can get information about airbags from the Supplemental Restraint System. This device can read as well as erase the Supplemental Restraint System trouble codes, which is most important for an OBD2 diagnostic scanner to protect any vehicle when an emergency arises. 

TPMS Service

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System helps you protect yourself from any accident and maintains enjoyable driving. When any tire’s air pressure falls, this system informs you that you can be riskless. So it is necessary to read and erase the trouble codes from the TPMS. This device keeps you safe and tension-free with its outstanding services. 

Free upgrades

With this OBD adapter, you can enjoy third-party apps with much technical assistance from the OBDlink team for free. When you are moving on OBDLink MX+ from another app, this feature will assist you a lot.  Moreover, you can experience more than one apps, including AlfaOBD, Dashcommand, BimmerCode, Carista, Forscan, Torque, and so many are suitable for this device.

OBDLink MX+ Scanner is Hack Proof

You can enjoy your life with a hack-proof device using OBDLink MX plus scanner.  This OBD adapter will serve you an excellent performance against hackers being the safeguard of your vehicle. From unauthorized access, a preventive security system works on this device. 

Sleep mode

An ultra-low current sleep mode protects the vehicle’s battery from being flowing out. You can get this extra benefit with this device. This Intelligent sleep mode service covers energy and saves your money from being ruined

About gesture 

The OBD adapter has about 50 x 45 x 23mm / 85g weight with 2mA battery saver mode. It has Class 2 BT v3.0 transmission and 128-bit data encryption. For its user-friendly design, functions, and features, potential buyers will be interested in this. This device will be an ideal product for its users with lots of benefits and quality-full gestures. Now let’s see some pros and cons of this OBD adapter which I listed below in this OBDLink MX wifi review article.

What We like

  • This device is very cheap.
  • The device is more compatible with vehicles.
  • It has more accessing capability with third-party applications.
  • This gadget can define the error codes very fastly.
  • It is straightforward to use.
  • Hacker-proof technology is available here.
  • The OBD adapter offers lifetime firmware updates for free.
  • OBDLink MX+ allows displaying real-time fuel consumption.


  • The device fails o support Electric and Hybrid vehicles.
  • It may not serve Key programming


Who can use this device?

This device can be used for a professional diagnostic user and a beginner mechanic. You can use this device easily because of its wonderful gesture. This wireless device will provide you the convenience that you do not have to carry a wire with you.

Is this possible to read enhanced codes for 2008 Silverado with this device?

Yes, of course! It is possible to get Enhanced support for GM vehicles with this OBDLink MX plus device. There are considerable coverage and compatibility of this OBD adapter. Apart from GM, there are Ford, LANand MS-CAN, which are compatible with this device. So, you can read enhanced codes for the 2008 Silverado.

Our Final Thought on OBDLink MX plus Review

You can get more functionalities, compatibility, and remarkable features with this OBDLink MX+ OBD adapter. Unlike most of the scanner tools, this device will ensure your security with its Hack-Proof service. You can experience all of the functions of an OBD2 diagnostic tool with the help of this gadget. As a beginner or home mechanic, you can use the blue tooth device in your vehicle to decline vehicle maintenance costs. This device saves your time from being ruined.  In addition, with this OBD adapter, you can experience many more applications. The ultra-low current sleep mode assists you in saving the battery of your vehicle. This feature protects battery energy from being wasted. So do not wait to choose this incredible and outstanding product.

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