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Launch CRP129x Review [Updated Version of CRP129]

Launch 129x review

LUNCH CRP129X is an OBD2 diagnostic tool with advanced features and quality at a lower price than what it serves. This OBD2 scanner tool is an advanced version of LUNCH CRP129. So usually, you will get more superiority with its  AutoVin Technology than the previous version of it. The gadget contains 7.0 android technology with a touch screen facility to provide a more prominent display. You obviously can touch the screen to maintain it. With the broad compatibility of the device, it has been suitable for fifty-seven models and different car brands since 1996. Let’s consider some outstanding as well as crucial features and functions that I have listed in this LAUNCH CRP129X review article.

The CRP129X offers all ten modes of OBD2 functions like Live Data Graphing, I/M Readiness Status, MIL turn-off, Read vehicle information,2 Sensor Test, Freeze Frame, Advanced On-board Monitoring (Mode 6), and EVAP Test of Fuel Tank System (Mode 8). Moreover, the device serves the facility of getting the most crucial five special reset functions such as Throttle Adaptation, OIL, SAS, EPB, and TPMS reset. With the OBD2 scanner gadget, you can experience four system diagnoses: transmission, ABS, SRS, and engine. It also can show live data and test Battery Voltage. It is enabled to switched off warning lights. 

Lifetime Free Updatable LAUNCH CRP129X Review

Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

Antilock braking system or ABS is known as an active protection system of a vehicle. It can protect a vehicle from an accident. It is imperative to view the Live Data Stream of ABS  as well as rescue the error codes. 

With the OBD2 scanner tool, it is possible to view Live Data Stream and rescue the error codes by accessing the Antilock braking system. It helps to figure out Antilock braking system-related troubles.

Supplemental Restraint System (Airbag)

This Supplemental Restraint System airbag protects you from a crash or collision. Besides the seat belt, this system ensures your safety. This system is fundamental, so the gadget notices all electronic parameters in Supplemental Restraint System and follows up on the health status. With the help of CRP129X, you can instantly diagnosis the disturbances of the SRS.

Engine System

The vital part of a vehicle is an engine. It is more necessary to keep your engine safe and problem-free. To protect this part of your vehicle, it comes to read, understand and erase the  Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC). 

You get information if the engine is perfect for performing or not by observing check engine light. When it turns on, then you have to detect the cause behind engine-related problems. For getting these hints, the device assists you by reading and clearing DTCs. It also views the live data stream to identify the issues. After all corrections, it switches off the warning light smoothly. This scanner tool is a safeguard for your vehicle. 

Transmission System

It is a very crucial part to check the transmission system for maintaining a vehicle. Whether the wheels get a perfect power measurement at a given speed is informed by turning off the warning light. 

Via reading the codes, viewing data, and turning off the warning lights of the transmission system,  this device can find out issues, check out the health status and figure out the right amount of power, respectively.

Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Calibration

The steering Angle Sensor is a vital part of the Electronic stability control. The angle of the steering wheel can be measured with the steering Angle Sensor. When any classification and replacement occurs, then recalibration of the SAS is required.

You can calibrate the steering angle sensor with this product. In addition to it clears memories with an error steering angle sensor. 

Shows Oil Reset Data

When you change the oil in your vehicle, it is mandatory to reset the engine oil system to protect the engine’s health. This diagnostic tool has a lamp and oil service reset mechanism. This mechanism ensures you know about the health status of your engine life system.

EPB Service

EPB stands for Electronic Parking Brake system, which is an electronically controlled parking brake. From a mechanical erosion in any crucial situation, this system may protect your vehicle. It features brake pad wear sensing as well as dynamic actuation. 

After any repair in the electronic parking brake system, The OBD2 diagnostic tool resets the brake pad. Moreover, it makes this braking procedure spontaneous and facile.

Throttle Adaptation

Throttle is a mechanism by which Fluid flow can be managed. This mechanism works for fuel flow maintenance. To the default state, the CRP129X scanner device initializes the throttle actuators. It regulates perfect throttle operations.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Programming

The Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) is essential to monitor the air pressure of the tire. So you have to watch and reset tire sensor IDs from the vehicle ECU. 

From the vehicle ECU, The LUNCH CRP129X can monitor the tire sensor IDs. After a tire sensor replacement, the gadget is also capable of operating TPMS sensor relearn procedures.

Built-in Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) lookup library 

The diagnostic tool offers to detect any trouble related to the Diagnostic Trouble Code with its DTC lookup function. Along with a code breaker, this function can describe DTCs very instantly.  

You can get the definition of fault codes on your display with the diagnostic tool. The device not only describes error codes but also reduces your vehicle maintenance cost.

Compatibility and coverage

The LUNCH CRP129X has extensive compatibility and coverage. It supports almost all vehicles after 1996. The vehicles made up to 2019, 2020, or 2021 can apply the device easily. The gadget supports SUV, gasoline, Minivans, pickup, light-duty truck, 12V passenger car, and Diesel (12v only) with OBD1, OBD2, CAN, EOBD and JOBD compatible protocols. In addition to It can be applied on fifty-seven different vehicles.

Versatility of LUNCH CRP129X

You can call the device versatile for its attractive characteristics, where it offers a multilingual menu. Besides English, it supports more languages, including German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese,  Russian, Korean, Japanese, and so on. When your device supports more than one language, it can impress customers rapidly. 

Easy to Update

If you would like to update this device to cope with the changing technology in the entire world, then it will be very spontaneous and effortless with the LUNCH CRP129X. On the internet, with One-click, you can update the device speedily. Not only the scanner tool provides this easy process but also it gives the offer for a lifetime!.


A genuine product also tries to give a warranty to its consumer. Potential buyers select their products based on product quality. The product quality may be considered with its warranty service. The CRP129X offers a five-year warranty to its customer, which is impressive!

Pros of LUNCH CRP129X Scanner

  • The device provides extensive coverage and compatibility
  • The updating process of the OBD2 scanner tool is very swift and spontaneous. 
  • It offers five years warranty to its consumers. 
  • This gadget has versatility with its many multilingual opportunities.
  • The diagnostic tool serves all ten modes of OBD2 functions.
  • The LUNCH CRP129X contains  five more reset services
  • CRP129X has AutoVIN and automatic printable Inspection reports also. 
  • This machine can check TPMS and throttle position.

Cons of LUNCH CRP129X

  • It may not be possible to apply this device to any hybrid car.


Is the LUNCH CRP129X better than the LUNCH CRP129?

Obviously, LUNCH CRP129X is preferable to LUNCH CRP129. Cause LUNCH CRP129X is an updated version of the LUNCH CRP129. You can get more advanced functions and quality here than the previous version. 

Is it possible to scan the RSC system or traction control system with this device?

With this device, you can scan Transmission, Engine, SRS, and ABS. the gadget will supply you best performance to scan these systems with quality. So if you want to scan these regarding the system, you can apply this tool. 


This device is made for a DIY user to a mechanic. You can use it for home and can use it for professional purposes also. This  OBD2 scanner tool has excellent popularity worldwide. With many advanced and quality full features, it reduces your tiredness and tension in car maintenance. The scanner will make your driving safe and straightforward. When any awkward incident arises, the device will help you to understand the matter. You can experience better service with a budget-friendly cost than previous. So experience the LUNCH CRP129X with all benefits the device offers. 


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