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INNOVA 5210 OBD2 ScannerAs an entry-level diagnostic scanner tool, the Innova 5210 has an excellent popularity. Comparatively, the scanner device pays more than it costs. With fundamental features, you will find here some high-end functionalities too. Since the prime concern for the vehicle owner is about ensuring safety on the road, you can depend on this diagnostic tool due to its qualitative and balanced performance. It serves the opportunity to see live data for achieving perfect outcomes. The scanner device can perform self-diagnosis of emission readiness status and some crucial information. Moreover, the user will experience huge compatibility and coverage with this gadget. For getting more information about the device, it is necessary to read the INNOVA 5210 review, which is given below.

This OBD2 scanner is an upgraded version of Innova 5110. The automotive diagnostic scanner device serves hotkeys and is patented all in one display. It offers you the experience of charging and battery system tests. On the contrary, the scanner gadget provides impressive build quality and construction. With the help of the 5210 Innova scanner, it is possible to get smog check LED indicators, code security level tests.

Professional OBD2 Code Reader INNOVA 5210 Reviews 2021

Now let us consider some crucial characteristics of the Innova 5210 OBD2 diagnostic scanner device to know something elaborately.

All in one display and hotkey functions

It is very beneficial for diagnostic tool users to get an opportunity to use a single screen with twenty pieces of information. It enables them to figure out an issue quickly and saves precious time. Furthermore, you will be more satisfied when the scanner tool provides a help hotkey to assist you in understanding any matter. 

With the help of this tremendous diagnostic scanner, it is possible to get an all-in-one display and a hotkey. This device ensures the user fast and problem-free driving activities. 

Live data feature for exact outcome

When you can monitor live data, it will be possible to diagnose the car more accurately. Though it is an essential feature, many diagnostic tools fail to provide this quality. With the Innova 5210, you can experience the live data aspect. 

It records and shows real-time live data, including volts, RPMs, speed, and temperatures. Moreover, it supports monitoring fuel systems and status in real-time. The device offers the opportunity to record a hundred frames of live data. It allows you to playback the saved data via a sort-of slide show. 

INNOVA 5210 Performs Different Vehicle Tests

The device performs a standard system test to assist you in fixing the car after repairing it. The feature also helps in the time when one requires diving into a particular diagnostic trouble code. Innova 5210 OBD2 diagnostic scanner device directs the EVAP system, emission-related powertrain elements, battery and charging system, and O2 sensors.

Battery and Charging System Test

It is crucial to test the charging system to understand the status of the battery. If any disturbance occurs on this part, then the vehicle owner has to face unbearable trouble. On the contrary, a perfect battery condition is essential to keep the vehicle active and smooth. Unfortunately, you cannot find this valuable feature to monitor the system with many average OBD2 diagnostic scanner devices. 

With the help of this Innova 5210, it is possible to test the alternator and the battery system to know if the functions are well or it is time to replace them. 

Construction and easy-to-use feature

The more important it is to have a qualitative exterior setup, the more essential it is to have an outstanding exterior construction of a scanner code reader. Without a standard gesture, the device will not be perfect for maintaining. A better exterior design can reduce the hassle of carrying the tool.nnova carscan pro 5210

This Innova 5210 OBD2 diagnostic scanner device is 13.1 ounces and ‎6 x 3.3 x 1 inch. On the other hand, it has a three-inch bright color screen. So it is very effortless to operate the scanner tool. Moreover, you can understand the whole thing easy and can fix them instantly with the 5210.

Innova carscan pro 5210 Shows smog check results

Emission status checking is a vital process for any vehicle owner. Excessive emissions can raise the carbon footprint cost and damage the environment. If you know the condition before the annual state check, it is possible to reduce this damage and save money.

Like the Innova 3170RS, the automotive obd2 scanner tool checks the smog and keeps you informed about the overall condition. By using the help of green, yellow and red LEDs, the device gives you a view of the emission of your car. 

Outstanding Vehicle Coverage and Compatibility of INNOVA 5210 OBD2 Scanner

You can get impressive compatibility and coverage with this versatile gadget. It supports all the OBD2 vehicles domestic and foreign after 1996 and the latest including hybrid cars, light trucks, SUVs, and cars. The feature is most attractive to professionals or mechanics. Compatibility raises the beauty of a diagnostic scanner tool. 

Not only these but also the OBD2 automotive diagnostic device serves a multilingual menu for those who can not cope with a single language. This feature assists the user in understanding the issues without any hassle. You can enjoy Spanish, English, French and so on with this excellent gadget. 

Code Severity Levels

Sometimes, it is difficult to understand when an immediate fixing is necessary for the vehicle to avoid unwanted harassment. Indeed, this feature also has scarcity in quantity on the market. But the Innova CarScan pro 5210 automotive obd2 scanner tool serves this feature for the betterment of the customer. 

The function of code security levels makes a diagnostic scanner tool user understand whether the vehicle is appropriate to perform or it is the right time to fix it. Apart from this, you will be able to save your money by taking precautions with the help of the 5210. Now let us consider some critical positive and opposing characteristics of the Innova 5210 obd2 diagnostic scanner tool.

Some positive characteristics of the Innova 5210 scanner device

  • With the help of this Innova 5210, you can experience a hotkey and all in one screen.
  • The diagnostic scanner tool supports a multilingual system to make the user trouble-free to maintain the machine.
  • It provides the opportunity to view freeze frame data.
  • You can enjoy a smog check of LED indicators with the diagnostic tool.
  • The 5210 obd2 diagnostic scanner tool helps to test the battery and charging system. 
  • For the betterment of the consumer, the gadget offers code severity levels. 
  • You can use it effortlessly because of its exterior design.
  • It diagnoses the braking systems.
  • You will be able to see live date information with this outstanding diagnostic scanner tool.
  • The tool is very cost-effective.
  • With the 5210, it is possible to experience massive vehicle coverage and compatibility.Innova 5210 scanner

Some Lacks

  • The diagnostic gadget may fail to activate solenoid and air injection.
  • It may not perform active tests
  • Innova 5210 is a fundamental scanner tool.


From our INNOVA 5210 review, it is transparent that if you are looking for an entry-level diagnostic scanner tool, then this will be a perfect choice for you. With a low budget, you can experience many more attractive features and reduce vehicle maintenance trouble. The gadget will assist you in saving your money and valuable time. For the handy structure of the tool, a user feels more comfortable and stressless. Though Innova CarScan pro 5210 is a primary tool, it serves some of the high-end characteristics of the consumer. When finding any gadget, then it will be necessary to take a clear concept on this product. Otherwise, you have to lose your money for meaningless purposes. 


Is it possible to see permanent codes with the Innova 5210 obd2 diagnostic scanner tool?

Yes, the 5210 diagnostic code reader can show you the permanent codes. Not only the permanent codes but also the code scanner can show pending and stored codes. Moreover, with the help of the tool, it can be possible to remove these default codes.

Does the OBD2 scanner gadget remove the check engine light on the dashboard?

Obviously, the 5210 automotive code reader and diagnostic scanner tool can remove the check engine light on the dashboard. Basically, the gadget serves all the basic OBD2 test modes. So you can find here complete services that an average diagnostic device can do. 

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