INNOVA 3170RS Review 2022 [Supports Both OBD1 & OBD2]

Innova 3170RSIf you search for any diagnostic scanner tool that can serve the high-end services at an average price range, then the Innova 3170RS can be an intelligent choice. It is a specialized scanner tool that provides peak performances and keeps safety on the road. You can find the means to work on various vehicle models because of their excellent compatibility and coverage. With the help of the Innova 3170RS, you can experience self-diagnosis of much information along with the emission status. The diagnostic scanner is helpful to record, graph, and playback data for further analysis. So if you want to understand more information about the outstanding device, you have to read the Innova 3170RS review properly. 

Moreover, the device can serve all the basic ten OBD2 test modes for the users, and it is beneficial to an initial level of the consumer to use it. With handy gestures and outstanding construction, it is very straightforward to handle the OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool. Besides these, it includes All-System Network Scan, Live Data, Electronic Parking Brake Retract, Oil Light Reset, and TPMS functions. Furthermore, you can get the features of Smog Check LED Indicators, Transmission Temperature, Optional OBD1 Coverage, Read Hybrid Battery Cell Voltage, and Battery Reset components.

Smog Test Scan Tool INNOVA 3170RS Review

Let us check some prime features of the Innova 3170RS OBD2 diagnostic scanner device to clarify the product’s concept. 

Tire pressure monitoring system

The feature of TPMS is a crucial part of any vehicle. When the tire pressure falls, then it can be a dangerous thing that causes an accident. So regular monitoring of the system is a very crucial part of car maintenance activities. 

The Innova 3170RS scanner diagnostic tool has the characteristic by which it can be possible to check tire pressure randomly without any hassle. The service helps you keep yourself protected and disturbance-free by reading and diagnosing the system. 

Patented All-In-One Display and Hotkeys

When your scanner device serves you the feature of an all-in-one screen, it will benefit you. You can multitask with the help of this aspect. Because, in an all-in-one display, it is possible to keep twenty pieces of information on one screen. 

With the 3170RS Innova scanner diagnostic tool, it is possible to have this advantage and code definition. There is no hassle in searching the meaning of the code because one can get these on the screen of this gadget very quickly. 

On the other hand, for the betterment of the customer, the tool provides helping hotkeys. With the key, one can get any help if she can not understand any issue. So in one sentence, the features that the diagnostic device serves are beneficial and qualitative because the scanner tool provides a lot of impressive aspects for a customer.

INNOVA 3170RS Scanner Shows Graph, Record, and Playback Data for Analysis

By Storing the Data to chart, record, and playback, one can efficiently and fastly figure out any issue if that arises. The characteristic ensures you get optimal services. Many diagnostic scanner tools fail to include this aspect, but with the Innova 3170RS, one can get the chance to store data. It enables you to analyze the issues later.

Not only this service, but the diagnostic scanner tool also contains the advantage of checking and testing the alternator and the Battery. It is another vital characteristic of this scanner tool. By using the device, you can know about the battery status of your vehicle. 

All-System Network Scan

The Innova 3170RS scanner diagnostic tool can scan powertrain, ABS, SRS modules, and engine. Not only this, but this scanner diagnostic device enables a consumer by reading and removing all the ECU modules and default codes of these modules comprehensively. 

INNOVA 3170RS Has Optional OBD1 Coverage

With the Innova 3170RS OBD2 diagnostic scanner gadget, one can use it in the old car models. Because the device not only suits the OBD2 compliant vehicles or the latest model of cars, but it supports the OBD1 coverages also. For taking the facility, you have to buy the OBD1 accessory adapters separately. INNOVA 3170RS Scanner

Finding an OBD2 code reader scanner that works for the OBD1 compliant vehicle isn’t very easy. So you can say a device is genuinely a versatile gadget. 

Easy self-diagnosis

It is possible to get a diagnostic scanner tool that can perform self-diagnosis. The tool diagnoses much crucial information and emission status. With the help of the device, it can be possible to understand the emission condition of the vehicle. Using this aspect, one can know if the car is prepared for the state emission test. It enables one to reduce carbon footprint as well as save the environment and money. 

Not only this, but the scanner device tests voltage read and battery initialization in hybrid battery cells. So it is transparent that the Innova serves the attractive features to assist a vehicle owner and decline the hassle.

Vehicle coverage and compatibility

You can get extensive vehicle compatibility and coverage with the Innova 3170RS diagnostic scanner tool. Since many code reader and scanner gadgets fail to support impressive range, this tool serves the characteristic. The 3170RS supports all OBD2 compliant domestic or foreign vehicles of 1996 and the latest. It suits light trucks, hybrid cars, SUVs, and so on. 

On the other hand, it offers a multilingual menu that enables consumers who can not cope with only one language. Besides English, the diagnostic tool supports French and Spanish. While writing the review of Innova 3170RS, we consider some essential pros and cons of the diagnostic tool.

Some significant Pros of the Innova 3170 RS OBD2 diagnostic scan tool

  • With the scanner gadget, you can use it with both new and old vehicles.
  • The Innova 3170RS can diagnose TPMS.
  • This tool shows live data to the customer that they can diagnose any issue quickly.
  • It has a smog check LED indicator. 
  • The Innova 3170RS OBD2 diagnostic scanner device performs on the Electronic Parking Brake Retract.
  • It is possible to get an oil light reset function with the Innova 3170RS OBD2 diagnostic scanner tool.
  • The device reads Hybrid Battery Cell Voltage.
  • A user can experience the battery test or reset functionalities with the 3170RS.
  • This versatile tool can scan all system networks very effortlessly.
  • You can get impressive vehicle compatibility and coverage with this scanner tool.
  • It is very straightforward and convenient to maintain this OBD2 diagnostic OBD2 device.

Some limitations

  • The device does not support any bi-directional function. So it is not a bi-directional OBD2 scanner device.
  • The Innova 3170RS OBD2 scanner may fail to send tests to the injectors. 
  • The price seems comparatively higher for some customers.

Final Overview

You have already gotten a thorough idea about the OBD2 diagnostic scanner device by reading the Innova 3170RS review. It is such a device that has so many impressive characteristics with excellent compatibility. Not only OBD2, but one can use it with OBD1 compliant vehicles also if she wants. Since a user can rely on a product already popular on the market, the Innova 3170RS scanner diagnostic tool can be a better choice because it is one of the famous products of the Innova.

On the contrary, the vehicle scanner tool enables a person to get instant results and save time. It reduces the stress of maintaining a car. Moreover, it offers fundamental characteristics and some high-end functionalities, so the diagnostic code reader and scanner tool can be the best choice for beginners, DIY users, home mechanics, and car enthusiasts. Though the price seems to be comparatively high for some consumers, it costs a reasonable price. Instead, it gives you more than it costs. So in a single sentence, you can trust the OBD2 device.


Is it possible with the Innova 3170RS scanner diagnostic tool to remove the check engine light on the dashboard?

Yes, obviously! The 3170RS OBD2 code reader can erase the check engine light on the dashboard. Since the scanner device is generally a basic diagnostic tool, it can perform the vehicle’s essential functions. On the other hand, it offers some high-end characteristics too. 

But if the issue can not be fixed, then the check engine light may illuminate again. So you have to notice this thing more carefully.

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