Best OBD2 Apps for iOS and Android

Best OBD2 Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

A Bluetooth OBD2 scanner is the most convenient way to keep a close eye on vehicle health. These devices use an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter to transmit data directly on a variety of mobile devices. From there, you can rely on a number of powerful applications to display data in real time or save it for later analysis. I have explained everything in this Best OBD2 Apps for Android and iOS that you should know.

Once you have gained wireless access to all performance data and fault codes you can easily catch problems before they become costly. Or, if your vehicle has tripped a warning or entered limp modes, a Bluetooth obd2 scanner can be used to clear these codes and returning normal operation.

Once you have selected the best Bluetooth OBD2 scanner, you need to choose a suitable application controlling and displaying the data. We went ahead and tested the most popular OBD II Bluetooth applications of 2019.

Now for our top picks for iOS and Android users, paid and free:

Best Paid ODB2 App for iOS – Dash Command ($9.99)

Dash Command is the most feature rich Bluetooth OBD2 app for iOS users. With over 1000 user reviews and a 4-star average rating, many others echo our excellent experience.

Once connected with your Bluetooth OBD2 adapter, Dash Command provides an outstanding amount of gauges. These are split into three categories: performance, fuel economy and engine. The layout is visually pleasing thanks to the simple format and use of color. We found it especially effective when viewing real-time data on the go!Dash Command

Then once you decide to make a stop, you can easily check the trip computer for statistics on maximums, averages, and percentages. We were amazed at the depth of data available, for example, average time spent in or out of gear!

There are a number of advanced features, yet the racetrack function struck us as the most useful. By mapping out a location the application can analyze exactly how you drive each lap. Logged data includes acceleration and braking patterns, a feature that would help budding racers perfect their skills!

Dash Command is without a doubt, the best Bluetooth OBD2 application for iOS. Even at $10, still represents great value for money for the sheer amount of parameters and features.

Best Free ODB2 App for iOS – OBD Car Doctor (FREE)

OBD Car Doctor is a top choice if you want free access to your vehicle’s data whilst using Bluetooth OBD2.

Although it’s not as feature-filled as premium paid applications, it still provides access to real-time data, plus a good variety of speed, temperature and pressure parameters.

Even as a free application you can quickly read diagnostic trouble codes and clear them. The Pro version (under $4) grants additional features such as data recording, displaying multiple gauges, background recording, and GPS input.

If you’re curious to take a peek at your vehicle’s OBD2 system, checking for codes and clearing them, OB Car Doctor is an ideal solution for iOS devices. Purchase a quality OBD2 Bluetooth adapter and use this free application to view your vehicle data.

Best OBD2 App for Android –Torque Pro ($4.95)

Torque Pro continues to dominate the Google Play Store as the most popular OBD2 app. With over 41k reviews and an average 4.5-star rating, the people have spoken.Best OBD2 App for Android

Not only does Torque Pro excel in the number of parameters and options available, but also with personalization. The user experience is fully customizable thanks to additional widgets and plugins. You can hand craft attractive dashboards to suit your own requirements in no time!

Along with the usual performance parameters, Torque Pro appeals to car enthusiasts with horsepower, torque, 0-60 and quarter mile times. We also loved the plug-in that applies a data overlay whilst recording video footage. We had a blast creating Motorsport inspired footage!

Torque Pro continues to guard its mighty reputation. We are happy to crown it as the best Bluetooth OBD2 application for Android. The value for money is astonishing at under $5!

Best Free OBD2 App for Android –Torque Lite (FREE)

We tirelessly tested other applications to find the best free android OBD2 application, yet Torque Lite stood head and shoulders above the others.

This free version of Torque Pro is slimmed down, offering fewer features and less customization. However, it serves as an excellent way to test your Bluetooth obd2 adapter with a taste of Torque’s power.

Admittedly, the Torque team reports their free Bluetooth obd2 application receives less support. Openly admitting bugs for certain Nissan, Chrysler and Subaru models may still remain. However, Torque Pro is fully supported and offers the widest OBD2 compatibility with ECU types.

The free version lacks the performance features such as horsepower, torque figures, 0-60 and quarter mile, graphed data and boost readings. And of course, you will also have to put up with a few adverts.

We recommended starting with Torque Lite to test your obd2 Bluetooth adapter, then upgrading to Torque Pro to access more features, dials, and customization. You won’t regret it!

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