Autel AP200 Review [For Android or iOS devices]

If you would like to get a handy and intelligent OBD2 scanner tool with many more features and versatility, then the best option for you is the Autel AP200. Autel AP200 is such a wireless Bluetooth OBD2 scanner that serves you the facilities you want, including full OBD2 functions such as graphical data, O2 sensor test, DTC, CEL read/clear, I/M readiness, EVAP, VIN, CVN, and CIN. With this device, you can also experience the advanced 19 functionalities like ABS/SRS, EPB, SAS, DPF, IMMO, Oil reset, etc. But before ordering this  OBD2 scanner, let’s check out our full Autel AP200 review to know more about its compatibility and setbacks.

AP200 is an excellent DIE scanner that is compatible with all of the cars of 1996 and the latest. This device is adjustable with its own application on any Bluetooth-enabled mobile, even tablets and phablets also. You can use this on your Android or iOS and OS phone as usual. So if you are a mechanic or car enthusiast, then don’t wait to grab this nifty gadget. This gadget will provide you with the best service that you have not to go to a mechanic and can save your money on car maintenance purposes.

Wireless Auto VIN Autel AP200 OBD Scanner Review 2022

The application or software is known as “Autel MaxiAP AP200”  should have been downloaded before using AP200 due to activate car diagnostic program. Most interestingly, you can experience this application or software free of cost as a first vehicle user and easily get downloaded free via App Store or Google Play. But for a second vehicle, you must have to pay $22 as an iOS user as well as $16 as an android user per year. A fascinating thing about this gadget is that it offers you the chance to update your application/software free of cost over a lifetime. 

Compatibility of Autel AP200

If there comes any fact about compatibility, then Autel OBD2 brand has a great reputation. This device, and the application (MaxiAP200), are compatible with almost all kinds of American, Asian, and European vehicles with post-1995 and OBD2 compliant features. It includes Nissan,  Jeep, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, VW, and Dodge. The application is available for Android, iSO, and OS phone users as well as it supports tablets and phablets.

Features including in Autel MaxiAP AP200 OBD2 Scanner

This device is designed to make its owner driving comfortable and easy. It has included some extra beneficial features which display un-inclusiveness of itself. The scan device has been schematized for the use of truck and car drivers. It is the best stuff and beneficial for enthusiasts and DIY users. Let’s have a look at the features


The AP200 is designed to make the driving experience more accessible and safe. According to this motive, it included the DTC system on the vehicle by which you can have the safe tire. With the help of the system, you can check out your ABS and SRS when it suffers from any chaos.

SAS Reset

This feature is about adjusting the steering position. The SAS reset feature will help you to adapt and classify the steering balancing out with the tires. With this feature, you can store the actual tire and steering position outright in EEPROM. Even SAS reset can erase the EEPROM error memory after the calibration has finished. 

BMS Reset Feature

Here BMS stands for Battery Management System, which helps to keep tabs on the status of your vehicle’s battery. Charge status, register battery replacement system, closed-circuit current, and rest status of your vehicle are monitoring by this feature. 

DPF Feature 

Here DPF stands for Diesel Particle Filter system, which helps to figure out any issues {faults such as soot buildup, poor emission}with the help of DPF codes. Such issues as debilitating emission quality and smut buildup systems can be defeated by this service. 

EPB Reset

By using a multitude of applications, Autel AP200 is able to retain the electronic braking system. This EPB reset feature is fruitful on the brake system by activating or deactivating the process. It reads and resets all codes connected with itself.

TMPS Reset Service

Autel AP200 has the service to monitor some problems like poor performances of wheels included poor pressure quality, disturbing wheel speed, and slow wheel rotations. You can judge it via AP200 quickly in real-time. An installed TPMS sensor will inform you about all the issues happening here. 

IMMO Feature

Every owner would like to get such a vehicle that has strong security power in it. Here this feature has been treated as a safeguard of the vehicle. It has no need to activate this feature in your vehicle cause it is a system where the service will be automatically activated in any vehicle. By a unique identification code, this service runs out, and here, the code works as a key. 

With this feature, you can ensure the safety of your vehicle from any unauthorized source to enter. 

Oil Reset Service

This device has the advantage of checking out the Engine Oil Life System. When it occurs any trouble in the engine, and the light illuminates, then the service reads the codes to help you detect the issue. The accurate engine oil life change interval can be measured by this device on the basis of driving conditions and overall climate. 


This device is available in 15 different languages all over the world. So it has the versatility power to cope with other products. People feel more interested when they see any product serves in their languages. Like other devices, it has some pros and cons also. Let’s have a check on these. 


  • This device can keep previous records of tested vehicles. 
  • It includes 19 essential functions. 
  • The scanner contains the feature of Real-time diagnosis with the record.
  • It supports Apple, Android, and also Windows phones.
  • Autel AP200 is a simplified version of the MK808 mini scan device
  • It serves as the opportunity to update the application lifetime. 
  • It automatically gathers vehicle information. 
  • This device can keep previous records of tested vehicles.


  • It is so expensive to use a second vehicle, so anyone can not afford it always. 

Updates are free for a lifetime.

  •  The device has too many functions that may occur a mess sometimes. 
  • It is designed for DIY, enthusiastic users, and mechanic, so sometimes it may be difficult for average users. 


Question: If anyone lost the key, then is it possible to disable the key by this device?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to disable the lost key, but this process is quite tricky. 

Question: Is this app is entirely free of cost?

Answer: This application is free for the first vehicle. If you want to use it in a second vehicle, you have to pay for it at a certain amount per year. But you have the benefit of updating this app for a free lifetime. 


If you wanted to drive with various kinds of required and most compelling features, then this Autel AP200 is for you. It offers so many functions and works smartly to solve your vehicle’s problems and keep you up to date. With this device, you can experience a low maintenance cost facility.

If you are still confused or have any questions related to the Autel Maxi ap200 review article, you can comment below.