Ancel FX2000 Review 2022 [Diagnoses 4 Main ECU Systems]

Ancel FX2000 ReviewsIn the market, most generic diagnostic scanner devices will offer you just reading the engine control module, but the Ancel fx2000 allows you to scan different control units for various vehicles. With a 4.0 TFT colored screen, this scanner tool provides unique multifunctional keys. The tool is so small and handy that one can keep it with her hands. On the other hand, the diagnostic scanner device is battery-free. It is very effortless to update and navigate the gadget. To know the device properly, you have to read the Ancel fx2000 review to the end. 

Ancel fx2000 OBD2 scanner tool is comparatively more advanced than the ANCEL AD310 scan tool, and it offers real-time data streams for up to four ECUs. It provides the data stream for the ECUs such as Auto Transmission System (AT) Diagnosis, Engine System Diagnosis, SRS (Airbag) Diagnosis, and ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) Diagnosis. Not only live datastream but also the fx2000 provides a help icon to assist the user in understanding the code definition. It is really excellent that you can reduce the hassle of searching the code definitions with the help of this diagnostic scanner tool.

Automotive Ancel fx2000 obd2 Scanner Review

So do not delay reading some key characteristics of the Ancel fx2000 OBD2 scanner tool.

Live Datastream and Graph Analysis

It is one of the most vital parts to see a live data stream for detecting the exact problem of a vehicle. With the help of a live data stream, a user can find out the cause of any disturbance instantly. This OBD2 diagnostic scanner can read live data streams for the transmission, SRS, ABS, and engine. The tool displays live data via text. 

Another hassle a consumer face is to figure out the meaning of the default codes. It is pretty time-consuming and difficult to figure out the code definitions via the internet. But with the help of the fx2000 diagnostic scanner tool, anyone can swiftly understand the code definition. This device contains an icon named HELP. With this icon, the user can get the meaning of codes. Not just these, but the scanner assists you in figuring out other operating guides also. For these services, you have to press the left button on the upper. Then you can reach the diagnostic trouble codes lookup. 

Auto Transmission System Diagnosis

This diagnostic scanner tool provides auto transmission system diagnosis. It reads and removes codes and displays transmission system data. The consumer can know if the transmission output is correctly adapted with the load and speed of the vehicle or not. It is possible to retrieve error information from the automatic transmission system manually. It allows getting complete TCM data. The TCM data can figure out potential troubles instantly. 

Engine System Diagnosis

It is very significant to diagnose the engine system. Since the engine is considered the life of a vehicle, it is mandatory to know the status. This Ancel fx2000 OBD2 scanner tool diagnoses the problems of the engine if the engine operating status is well or not. You can know through the device. It also clears the warning light and reads pending, permanent, and current codes. Moreover, the scanner device shows emissions data, fuel, and other real-time manufacturer-specific parameters. These help to understand if the engine ECU works appropriately or not. This scanner device checks the engine operating status in real-time to see the engine quality. 

Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)

Airbags ensure the safety of a vehicle. It is vital to diagnose supplemental restraint systems to keep the car protected from any crash or collision. The fx2000 OBD2 scanner tool diagnoses SRS. The device reads and removes SRS data. Moreover, the scanner tool reads and extracts the fault codes in the supplemental restraint system, and it turns off the warning light when required. Ancel FX2000 Scanner

Anti Lock Braking System (ABS)

ABS is familiar as the active protection system of a vehicle. It enables the car to protect itself from any accident, so it is another vital part of the vehicle. With the help of this Ancel OBD2 scanner tool, it is possible to read and erase the diagnostic trouble codes data flow from the anti-lock braking system. With bi-directional tests, the scanner tool checks the operating conditions of the ABS. The device also retrieves ABS fault codes, and with the help of visual inspections of all brake components, it shows where the disturbance occurs. 

Ancel FX2000 scanner performs complete OBD2 modes 

The Ancel fx2000 OBD2 scanner tool can perform complete OBD2 modes. Apart from reading and removing codes and turning off the malfunction indicator light, the scanner tool offers freeze frame data and retrieving vehicle information(VIN, CIN, and CVN. It tests the O2 sensor, EVAP, Advanced onboard monitoring, and so on. The device displays I/M readiness status, Built-in DTC lookup library, and reads generic (P0, P2, P3, and U0) and manufacturer specific (P1, P3, and U1) codes. You can experience a lifetime free upgrading opportunity with the tool. Moreover, it reads dynamic live data streams.

Exterior Design

Now in this Ancel FX2000 review section, we will talk about its attractive body construction. Exterior design contributes a lot making a device user-friendly and efficient. If the construction is not suitable, then the tool can not provide comfort. On the other hand, the appropriate configuration of a gadget can offer better performance and quality, 

The fx2000 has 9.06 x 1.77 x 7.8 inches and ‎1.58 pounds that one can easily keep with the hand. The exterior design is very compact and robust. On the other hand, it contains 3.5 Inches of TFT color display that is very straightforward to use. It has an Operating System, Windows_XP/7/8/10 performs fast and gives a qualitative performance. There is no need to have a battery or electric socket to operate the diagnostic scanner tool because it directly takes power from the vehicle. So the consumer can carry it without any trouble. 

Vehicle coverage and compatibility of Ancel FX2000

If a diagnostic scanner tool can support an extensive range of vehicles, then the device raises its demand in the market. Every car owner, professional mechanic, and garage owner wants to grab a gadget with extensive compatibility supports. Vehicle coverage and compatibility of Ancel FX2000

The Ancel supports over forty-six different makes of vehicle including OBD2 and CAN compliant vehicles of Asian from 2005, European from 2002, and American from 1996. But it supports SRS, ABS, and AT testing for only cars from 2005 and the latest. The device is suitable with Land Rover, Opel, Vauxhall, Honda, Mitsubishi, Alfa-Romeo, FIAT, etc. Furthermore, the scanner tool serves a multilingual menu that includes Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, English, and so on. Get ready to see some pros and cons of the Ancel fx2000 OBD2 scanner tool.

Some vital benefits of the Ancel fx2000 OBD2 scanner tool

  • The diagnostic scanner tool supports advanced data stream graphs.
  • It provides a complete OBD2 diagnosis.
  • It not just diagnoses the engine system but performs complete detection on SRS, ABS, and transmission.
  • Ancel fx2000 OBD2 scanner tool has a user-friendly design.
  • This device provides an advanced data stream graph facility to the consumer.
  • fx2000 covers extensive coverage and compatibility.
  • The diagnostic scanner tool offers graphing visualization.
  • You can get a lifetime free updating opportunity with the scanner tool.
  • For the consumer, the device provides a multilingual menu.
  • Ancel fx2000 OBD2 scanner tool offers a free updating advantage through the official website. 

Some limitations

  • With mac computers, the updating procedure may fail.
  • The device may not reset the oil light. Its upadated version, Ancel FX4000 Performs oil reset function.
  • It does not perform SRS, ABS, and transmission with the vehicles before 2005. 


When a potential buyer wants to buy a machine, she first notices the customer review of that device before going to the market. Customer thinking can solve many problems, and the psychology of a potential customer can be motivated by this. When a consumer likes a product, then she recommends the product. The users’ rating and review of the Ancel fx2000 OBD2 scanner tool prove its popularity. 

If you want to buy a sustainable and handy diagnostic scanner tool, the product may be the best choice. The comfortable and compact gesture of the Ancel fx2000 will make you relaxed to carry it anywhere. Moreover, the scanner tool provides many more facilities to the user. 


Is it mandatory to buy a storage case for the device?

There is no need to buy a separate storage case. The original box is enough for keeping it. But if you want to buy another one for the betterment, then you can take one. 

Which vehicles are compatible with the Ancel fx2000 OBD2 scanner tool?

The Ancel fx2000 OBD2 scanner tool has impressive coverage and compatibility. It is compatible with over forty-six makers. It performs with the Asian from 2005, European from 2002, and American from 1996. If you are a professional or garage owner then it can be the best choice for you. 

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